Campbell Pletts is a born and bred Durbanite. His personality depicts the vibrancy and diversity of the city, showcasing him as a man who knows exactly how to live an interesting and divergent life. Balancing this lifestyle while keeping a thumb on his companies is what makes him a role model for future generations.

Busy lifestyle a day in the park for Campbell Pletts

Role Model Campbell Pletts

In this article, we peek into Campbell’s life to see what makes him tick and how he copes with the demands of running a successful business in South Africa. We put the spotlight on him in hopes that other aspiring entrepreneurs will see that you can make it in our country and that opportunities are vast

A 2022 article by the Mail and Guardian discusses how youth deserve better role models. We believe that Campell’s transparent background and clean slate make him an ideal candidate

With an unemployment rate rocketing to a sky-high of 32.6%, it’s our hope that someone in South Africa sees this article and is inspired to put the energy into cultivating a solution – a new business venture, perhaps! 

“I endevour to inspire and motivate others, encouraging them to reach their full potential and embrace their unique talents,” says Pletts.

A Peek Into Campbell Pletts’ Past

We could say that Campbell’s ambition was first applied when he was selected to attend a prestigious Cape Town university to attain a degree in accounting. However, “simple” studies weren’t enough for the man in question, and he also decided to work on the CIMA certification simultaneously. 

It was during this time that life threw an unexpected opportunity his way. Campbell and his identical twin brother, Nicholas Pletts, were scouted by Boss Models. They jumped at the offer, intrigued by the cultural experiences and connections that this journey would cultivate

As a student, Pletts found himself balancing it all. He was on the brink of his career, studying a challenging subject, and he continued with modelling. He managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an eye fixed firmly on his goals. Of course, he wouldn’t have been able to do it all without the support of friends and family.

“A key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to immerse yourself in a group of people who truly care about you and who offer support to lift you when the going gets tough,” he says.

Modelling twin Pletts brothers

The Pletts Twins Modelling

Campbell Pletts Becoming a Model Businessman

Shortly after completing his studies and rounding off his modelling career in fashion, Campbell started Amalfi Outsourcing with Nic. Amalfi Outsourcing is now one of two sister companies, the other being Amalfi Wholesalers. Amalfi Outscouring is a flourishing BPO, a tribute to Campbell’s way with numbers and strategic outlook. 

The organisation’s services include:

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Outbound Sales
  • Debt Collection and Management
  • Website and Social Media Management
  • Retention
  • And more!

Displaying unwavering determination coupled with a commitment to excellence, Campbell pushed boundaries and unlocked the true potential of his business. 

“A lot of Amalfi’s success is due to our people-centered approach. During my time as a model, I got to network. I met interesting characters and learned what engaged them,” he says.

Campbell Pletts and twin brother Nic Pletts

Amalfi Outscouricing – Nicholas and Campbell Pletts

Putting Family First – A Role Model Dad!

It’s not often that you stumble on an ambitious businessman who says “family is everything.” But this is Campbell’s current stance. He advocates much of his well-being to his family and says time with his loved ones enables him to recharge and approach each day with renewed enthusiasm.

Campbell calls his wife his “rock” and dotes on his two children, a son and a daughter. 

Our stance is in line with Campbells, and we believe that families and parents are the key to the well-being of future generations. Interestingly, a study by South African Statistics found that most children live only with their mothers. This sad but true reality takes father figures out of the equation, weakening the support system that helps cultivate the potential in a child. 

But luckily, we have fathers like Campbell who recognise the need for quality time with family, extended family included.

Pletts Twins out for a run

Pletts Twins Spending Quality Family Time While Exercising

The above photo of Campbell Pletts shows our entrepreneur spending time outdoors with his brother, Nic. Nic and Campbell have a close relationship and feed off each other’s energy for inspiration.

Rounding Off…

Rounding off, we weave our way into the mind of Mr. Campbell Pletts by asking him a few questions. Here they are:

What Makes a Good South African Role Model?

I think a well-rounded person makes a good South African role model. 

Use opportunities to broaden your horizons, as I did with my modelling. Modelling was not something I planned on, but it helped me see that the world is much bigger and more diverse than I first thought. It helped shape me into a people-centric person who knows what consumers want – and that’s why my business works!

So, put yourself out there, explore the world (safely), and learn from all experiences

What Are Three Tips for Doing Business in South Africa?

My three tips for doing business in South Africa include treating your employees well (they are the lifeblood of your business), following a healthy, active lifestyle so that you always feel energised and motivated, and building relationships with people from all backgrounds.


What Do You Enjoy Most About Being a Dad?

Hmm, what do I enjoy most about being a dad…I would say it is finding joy in the simplest things, like reading stories to my kids or bathing them. It’s also amazing to witness my children accomplish milestones and evolve into beautiful, unique personalities. My kids also teach me new things every day!

In his free time, Nic unwinds on the golf course, aware that personal space and finding “room to breathe” is important for a healthy body and mind – prerequisites for a healthy business! 

If you would like to learn more about Campbell Pletts and the Amalfi empire, you can follow his blog here

Business on the green for Cam Pletts