Local South African businessman, Campbell Pletts, is the founder and CEO of Amalfi Outsourcing, a successful Durban-based company focussing on business process outsourcing. In a recent chat, he attributes much of his success to exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

We were interested in this take on business, noting his achievements in a personal and work capacity. So, we asked him why he thinks exercise and sports can make a person a better entrepreneur. He gave us 8 convincing reasons. Here they are:

Avid golfer Campbell Pletts

Campbell Pletts Avid Golfer

ONE: It Helps You Build a Network

Whether you’re at the gym, running outdoors, or playing a round of golf, fitness connects you to people. “Since I’m all for people-centric business, this really helps with my approach to building my client base,” he says. 

Also, team sports create a new window into individuals’ personalities. It allows you to communicate and engage with others on a different level, and consequently, you learn more about each other than you would in a formal corporate environment. 

Pletts is an avid golfer and spends a lot of his spare time navigating greens across the country.

TWO: Campbell Pletts Believes Exercise Inspires Creativity

“Exercise doesn’t just tone your muscles; it tones your brain power,” he says. A study by the World Economic Forum proves this! The study found a positive link between exercise and creativity. One theory is that exercise increases endorphins and blood flow, thus inducing happiness and clearer thinking. 

Campbell often jogs with his identical twin brother and business partner, Nicholas Pletts. “Many of our brainstorming sessions take place while we jog together,” Campbell continues.

Fit entrepreneurs have it better

The Pletts Twins Brainstorming While Jogging

THREE: It’s the Ultimate Stress-Reliever

“You cannot make good, rational business decisions when you are stressed,” says Campbell. One way to relieve stress and unwind is to hit the gym or do some sort of exercise that works as a stress-outlet. This is because physical activity reduces stress hormones, focusing on those “happy” endorphins instead. 

Campbell says a big stress reliever for him is boxing. This is where he says he tests his limits and strengthens his ability to focus.

Twin model Pletts brothers staying fit

Campbell Pletts Model Boxer

FOUR: Campbell Pletts Says Exercise Boosts Your Confidence!

Whether you’re building a business empire or navigating a rough patch, even accomplishing a minor fitness goal can provide the confidence you need to pursue achievements in your entrepreneurial journey. According to Campbell, “Achieving a small fitness victory has a ripple effect across all aspects of your life. It can make you feel more accomplished in everything you do.”

Work & fitness balance is important for Cam Pletts

Campbell Pletts Hard at Work at Amalfi

FIVE: It Reminds You of the Importance of Goal-Setting

Training for a sports match or a fitness challenge like a marathon can help entrepreneurs remember how important it is to set goals and then put steps in place to achieve them. 

Campbell says that when he trains, he trains with purpose, setting goals for himself so that a workout or fitness activity remains exciting and rewarding. 

He applies the same attitude toward business and regularly takes time to write down goals and what he needs to do to reach them. Having a goal is a driving force for any entrepreneur or go-getter itching to apply their skills and have them recognised!

SIX: It Gives You an Energy Boost to Get You Through the Day

Coffee can give you a nice caffeine kick, but a workout can boost your energy so that it lasts the whole day. Again, Campbell’s claim is supported by findings from a Harvard Health survey. The survey shows that physical activity increases the production of mitochondria inside your muscle cells. These mitochondria then create fuel out of glucose and thus power your body’s activities to keep you more robust

“Exercising also helps me to sleep better. This way, I wake up refreshed and motivated, ready for the challenges business swings at me,” says Pletts.

SEVEN: It’s a Reminder That I’m Not Always in Control

Most entrepreneurs have excellent leadership skills. This is good, but you also need to learn let go of the reigns every once in a while. “There is a lot of stress that comes with leading a business. The level of decision-making and control can take a toll on you,” Campbell says. 

Campbell says he finds that participating in team sports and even hiring a personal trainer reminds him to entrust others with important tasks, proving you don’t have to run a business or become a successful person on your own.


EIGHT: Team Building

Team sports or physical activities are great for bringing a team together so that they can learn to collaborate and realise their potential. This especially applies when you introduce a new sport or activity to an employee. They get to apply skills they might never otherwise know they have, or it can help them hone in on skills needed for the success of your business.

This type of team building can also help to create a healthy business culture, where employees are fit and healthy (and inspired) to a good day’s work.

Pletts healthy lifestyle

Pletts Twins Modelling Teamwork

Campbell often enjoys a good biking session with his business partner, Nic. Like jogging, this is where they come up with some of their best business ideas, challenging each other to “keep moving.”

When Campbell Pletts is not at work, the gym, or the sports field, he’s at home with his family – another motivator that makes him a better entrepreneur. 

Campbell refers to his wife as his “rock” and mentions his young son and daughter fondly. “Our moments together are precious and serve as a much-needed respite from the demands of our daily lives,” he says.

With a degree in accounting under his belt, experience as a Boss Model, and a natural flair for business, Campbell is a role model entrepreneur who advocates a healthy lifestyle as a recipe for success. 

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